Youth Fishing

Need assistance with wildlife and fish management on your ranch, backyard, or pond? Simply call your local County Extension Agent.

We take youth fishing SERIOUSLY. It is not only a way to ensure the future of aquaculture and fisheries professionals, but a way to reconnect our youth with nature and the outdoors. In this modern day of video games, cell phones, and the internet (which are fine in moderation), we want to make sure that our youth stay engaged in nature, the outdoors, their heritage, the planet we live on, and most importantly with their family. Why not plan a trip, however brief it may be, and reacquaint your young family member with the outdoors by taking them fishing. Who knows, they may learn some useful life skills and you might create lasting family memories. At the very least, you are likely to have some fun and maybe a fresh fish dinner.

If you find a useful youth fishing link that you would like to recommend, please pass it along and we will consider it for our website.

Community Fishing202_0980
Learning the Basics202_0979
Types of Fishing202_0831
Fishing Safety
Fish Identification & Different Types of Fish
Techniques and Tips
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

University of Florida

Raising Your Own Bait Texas A&M

North Carolina State University

Penn State University Extension            

University of Missouri   

University of Florida      

University of Kentucky 

National 4-H Sportfishing Program

Oklahoma Wildlife Department

Auburn University

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