Freshwater Prawns

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Commercial production of the Malaysian Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) has periodically been the subject of research and commercial enterprise in the United States. Although other species of Macrobrachium are indigenous to the southern U.S., they do not reach sizes that are considered desirable in the food-fish market, and thus have minimal potential other than for bait purposes. Basic production techniques for M. rosenbergii were developed in the late 1950s in Malaysia, and in Hawaii and Israel during the last three decades. During the 1970s and early 1980s, the states of South Carolina, Florida, Texas and Louisiana conducted research into basic production techniques, as well as marketing,  processing and hatchery procedures. In 1984, Mississippi State University started an extensive research program to develop and evaluate management practices that would ultimately establish commercial production techniques for freshwater prawns.

-SRAC Publication No. 483, Biology and Life history of Freshwater Prawns

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center


Kentucky State University
Mississippi State University
Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
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University of Kentucky
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Kentucky State University
United States Freshwater Prawn Growers Association Inc.


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