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A mystique surrounds alligators. People find them both fascinating and horrifying. Alligator farming may intrigue even people who have no prior background or knowledge of farming. In the 1980’s, alligator production became an important alternative agricultural business in the Deep South. Holding of alligators in captivity for breeding purposes was not a new idea. Historically, the first commercial alligator farm was started in Florida in the 1890s. Production of alligators in a controlled indoor environment is much newer, however.  Advances in environmentally controlled production methods during the 1980s improved survival rates, allowed sex determination, and produced market size alligators (4 feet long) in less than two years. These advances, together with the high prices paid for alligator hides, led to rapid expansion of the industry in the 1980s.

-SRAC Publication No. 230, Alligator Production – An Introduction

 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Southern Regional Aquaculture Center


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